Appraisal Equipment


 For Gemstones

 HG0001 Polariscope

HG0002  Refractometer

Fast way to test gemstones' optical properties...quickly determine whether translucent or transparent gems are singly or doubly refractive!

Resolve optic character in doubly refractive gems
Spot pleochroism
Detect diamond strain
Opening at front can double as light source
Optional stoneholder, mounts on both sides

Only refractometer designed to "spot" read cabochons or small facets with diameters less than 1 mm

Hinged lid protects glass working area from dust & abrasion
Refer to affixed chart of most-used RI's
Polarizing Filter & RI Liquid included

HG0003  Ultraviolet Lamp & Viewing Cabinet

  Portable miniature darkroom protects your eyes from shortwave ultraviolet!

Perfect accessory to the GIA GEM shortwave/longwave ultraviolet lamp
Black non-reflective foam rubber lining

ultraviolet-lamp.jpg  Separate diamond from simulants, sapphire from synthetic sapphire, emerald from synthetic emerald, ruby from garnet, and natural gems from glass/synthetic spinel!

Check whether a gemstone fluoresces to longwave or shortwave ultraviolet light
Touch button switches from longwave Ultraviolet light tube life is rated 7,500 hours

HG0004 Color Filter

 HG0005  Spectroscope

colorfilter.jpgHelp identify certain green, red and blue stones!

Detects dyes in certain gems like dyed green and blue chalcedony

spectroscope.jpgTop quality construction and advanced 5-prism design!

Precision control illumination with fine tune adjustment for sharper focus & clearer spectra
Easy to read and use

 HG0006  Lamp  HG0007  Prism Spectroscope  HG0008  Diffraction Grating Spectroscope

!!! From the left side of picture !!!

Lamp : The ultimate light source for any spectroscope

Prism Spectroscope : Ideal for identifying gems in the field, convenient pocket model has draw tube focus and slit adjusting ring for clear spectra, 3.5 inches long

Diffraction Grating Spectroscope : Compact unit produces clear bright spectra with low intensity light, lipstick-tube sized spectroscope has fixed focus slit

HG0009  Specific Gravity Liquid Set

HG0010  Refractive Index Liquid

Identify gemstones by specific gravity!

Easy to use large-mouth, 15cc bottles with self-calibration stone
Leakproof container houses two calibration liquids(Methylene Iodide & Benzyl Benzoate)
Specific gravities included 2.57, 2.62, 2.67, 3.05, 3.32

10 gram bottle

 HG0011 Calcite Dichroscope


Simultaneously view gem's pleochroic colors in sharp contract!

quickly separate doubly refractive stones like ruby from singly refractive stones like garnets and red spinels


 For Diamond

HG0021  Gemolite Mark X (GIA)

HG0022  Diamond Lite

This microscope is responsible for grading more diamonds and gemstones in more labs than any other in the world today!

Focus & zoom quickly and easily (10x ~ 60x) Swivels 360°
Darkfield/brightfield  intensity rheostatically adjusts & focuses light where you need it
Excellent specimen field (25 mm, 10x)
Brighter halogen lighting stays cools even during extended operation Overhead light source (option) Adapter lens (20x~120x) (option)

┤┘Any where in your store with the Diamond Lite's full spectrum simulated daylight, Works with diamonds and colored stones!

Translucent tray adjusts to reduce reflection from facets
Adds customer appeal and character to any diamond with a built-in long wave ultraviolet lamp
Works well with your Master set

HG0023  Proportion Scope

HG0024  Diamond Mate

Dynamic visual proportion analysis!

Quickly determine table percentage, pavilion depth, crown angle and height, girdle thickness and total depth
Fast cut proportion analysis of round brilliant diamonds from 0.18~8.00
Immediately spot out-of-round, tilted tables and girdles, and off-center tables and cutlets

!!! From the left side of picture !!!

Instant verify diamond authenticity!

Diamond Mate A 
Simple, safe identification device, lightweight, fits in pocket or purse, operates on direct AC current or three AAA batteries

Diamond Mate B
Same features as Diamond Mate A, but with Ni-Cad battery pack and AC adapter/charger

HG0025  Diamond Master

HG0026  Gauge

!!! From the left side of the picture's bottom !!!

  GEM Diamond Master
Durable, top-quality countertop tester built for heavy duty workload...alarm sounds if you touch metal rather than stone!

Protect pen-style probe with shield cap
Operates on wall current or two AA batteries

  Pocket Diamond Tester
░╦Easy to read meter shows red if mounted or unmounted test stones are not diamonds!

Lightweight, compact unit
Built-in calibration, test disc
Buzzer sounds if you touch metal instead of stone
Operates on two AA batteries

  Leveridge Gauge
Measures loose stones, ring sizes and mounted stones!

Easy-to-read dial in tenths of millimeters
Easily measure high mountings with high-setting attachment, spring loaded jaws

  Electric Gemstone Gauge
High-tech digital readout eliminates dial interpretation!

Superb accuracy, reads out 1/100 mm
Measured mounted stones with high-setting attachment
Built-in memory

  Presidium Dial Gauge
Patented technology resists wear and maintains accuracy!

Dial provides clear instant readings in millimeters and carats
Built-in memory

HG0027  Loupe 10X

HG0028  Presentation Loupe Stoneholder

Eliminate reflections on stone with black anodized frame!

Available with 18 mm fully corrected lens

One-hand operation combination presentation loupe-stoneholder!

Stoneholder rotates 360°
Easily adjusts for stone size

HG0029  2X Adaptor Lens)

HG0030  Master Stone

Doubles power range to 20x~120x

For viewing the color grade of diamond (with certificate)
E, G, I, K

 For Gold

HG0031 G-XL-24 Gold Tester

HG0032 GT-4000 Gold Tester

State of the art technology!

Measures gold content in high gold alloys from 6K~24K
Also indicates platinum

Measures gold and platinum!

Indicates full range of value from 6K~18K plus 20K readings

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