GemTec , established in 1959,

has specially been producing and supplying equipment, tools and its accessories related with the works of rock, lapidary, jewel & diamond, which are necessary for cutting, grinding, polishing, cleaning, thin plate make, etc. of raw materials and appraisal.

has been importing and exporting equipment, tools and its accessories related with the works of rocks and metals for fields of geology, geo-science, resource science.

has been supporting educational institution and organization related with the works of lapidary, handiworks & diamond about the information, training & installation of equipment and tools.

has also been endeavoring to improve quality of the related equipment and to produce the efficient equipment to suit customers needs on the basis of experienced technology up to the present.

promises to do our best to help customers and enthusiasts in using the equipment, providing the information about performance, quality and function of equipment through this home page, and to provide prompt and thorough after-sales service.


  • 1959  Foundation (Hwail Machinery Co.)
  • 1977  Contribute to the publication of Monthly magazine "Jewel & Precious Metal"
  • 1978  Established a joint company "World Jewels Trade Center Ltd." at Bangkok,Thailand
  • 2002  New company name "GemTec" 
  • 2004  Moving to Seongsu-dong
  • 2008  Moving to Opo-eup
  • 2009  Agreement on Industry-Academy Cooperation Program with Seong-Nam Campus of Korea Polytechnic 1 college

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