Machines, Tools & Accessories for Rock Processing

The typical type of machines are as follows.  The modification of machine according to the change of processing is possible.  Click the name to see the details.

Machines, Tools & Accessories

Hydraulic Rock Crushing & Breaking Machine

Model No.RCB-10
  • Size(mm): 900(W)x500(D)x700(H)
  • Oil pressure Motor: 1HP, 220V, 2P (380V3P)
  • Rock crushers(mm): 40-100
  • Rock breaker(mm): 200
  • Crusher, breaker max.: 30 ton
  • Crusher plate(mm): 150
  • Oil pressure gauge: Max 30 ton


  • Cutting or crushing a rock by hydraulic pressure
  • Convenient for rock core cutting
  • Deflection prevention of the material by cutting rock or core in a moment
  • Reliable equipment (Cylinder & Pump Manufacturer : Enerpac)

<Rock Cutting>

  • Cutting a rock to a thickness up to 150 mm
  • Cutting by triangle blade of heat treated steel
  • Cutting a rock by switch operation after placing the rock on the position where wanted, under the triangle blade

<Rock Crushing>

  • Crushing a rock by turning the crushing table
  • Crushing rocks below 5 mm after cutting the rocks up to 40-50 mm
  • Repeat the crushing work 2 or 3 times to get the smaller  


  • Hydro-electric driven pump
  • Safety barrier

<Safety Barrier, Basic Type>

<Safety Barrier, Option>


< Please click a photo at the upper part for video watching of RCB-10 >



< Broken Rock>

< Powdered Rock>


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