Machines, Tools & Accessories for Rock Processing

The typical type of machines are as follows.  The modification of machine according to the change of processing is possible.  Click the name to see the details.

Machines, Tools & Accessories

Vacuum Cutting & Grinding Machine (Rock Thin Section)

Model No.RVG-10 <Automatic Type>


  • Size(mm): 965(W)x500(D)x1035(H)
  • Motor: 1HP, 2P, 220V
  • Shaft (Diamond Saw): 5/8"
  • Diamond Saw Blade: 8"
  • Revolution: 1750 rpm
  • Rock Diamond Cup Wheel: 150mmx30mm
  • Vacuum Pump: 220V, 1650rpm, 250W ± 10%, Max. Vacuum: 680mmHg
  • Grinder Vacuum Chuck: Slide Glass 28x48mm, 3 ea
  • Cutting Vacuum Chuck: Slide Glass 28x48mm, 3 ea
  • Inverter for Chuck Speed Control: Mitsubishi 0.1k, 2ea
  • Cooling Water Pump: 220V, 7W, 1.7m 800 /hr


  • Grinding & cutting of 3 pieces simultaneously with vacuum chuck air adsorption method
  • Flatness tolerance of max. 0.01 mm
  • Automatic simultaneous cutting of 3 pieces of slide glasses
  • Automatic simultaneous grinding of 3 pieces of slide glasses
  • Minute cutting by control of micrometer
  • Water separation filters for vacuum chuck air adsorption lines
  • Stainless steel and aluminum plate body
  • Separate operation of cutting and grinding functions
  • Dirty water-proof acrylic cover
  • Chuck speed control by inverter (cutting & grinding)
  • Automatic stop & returning to the start position after cutting or grinding work
  • Emergency power disconnection device
  • Cooling water supply and recirculation by a cooling water pump attached at the outside of the machine
  • LED lights for the cutting and grinding work areas


  • Diamond Saw Blade: 1 ea
  • Diamond Cup Wheel: 1 ea
  • Cooling Water Tank: 1 ea

< Please click a photo for video watching of RVG-10 (of old model) manual work>
<The photos below showing automatic type>

 <Topside View>

<Digital Micrometer, One(1) Set 
on Each Side (Cutting & Griniding)>


< Cutting Part - 3 Pieces>

<Control Panel at the Middle Part>


<Grindi ng Part - 3 Pieces>

Accessories and Consumers for thin section Making

  • Cutting wheel Holders (lapping, polishing)
  • Cast iron plate
  • Diamond disc
  • Silicon carbide powder
  • Cooling oil
  • Slide glass 28x48, 26x72
  • Glass plate (24x24)
  • Steel plate (40x40)
  • Cover class (24x24, 22x22, 25x32)
  • Epoxy adhesive
  • Diamond cupwheel

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